A Tweeter’s prompt feature increased reading by 40%


As early as June, A Tweeter’s prompt feature increased reading by 40%. Twitter had started that prompt feature so users would not retweet before reading the article. Twitter’s support handle tweeted, “Sharing an article can spark conversation, so read it before you Tweet.” For Android, we are testing a new prompt which may ask a user if they would like to open an article before retweeting it. This prompt will ask a user whether they wish to share the article before reading it on Twitter.

Read the article before you tweet it, since sharing an article can spark conversation.

On Android, we’re experimenting with a new prompt that asks you to open an article first when you Retweet one you haven’t opened yet on Twitter.

Because of three months, Twitter has responded to the prompt and, according to the firm, it has significantly increased the rate of retweets.

“We shouldn’t have to say this, but read an article before Tweeting it,” the micro-blogging site’s official Communications team tweeted on Friday.

A 40% increase in opening articles when the prompt appears

People reading articles before RTing increased by 33%

Some people didn’t RT after reading the article – which is fine! Tweets can mislead

Leaving drafts in drafts is best 

People are opening articles 40 percent more often after they introduced the prompts, the team said in a series of tweets. Twitter users opened articles before ‘RT’ing first. The increase is 33 percent. Upon opening the article, some people decided not to share the tweet.

This was not the only thing Twitter shared regarding the additional feature. Now, the social media platform is rolling out an improved version of the prompt to a broader audience. The feature was initially only available to Android Twitter users. In any case, it seems users are going to see this prompt globally before sharing any links.

It has also become more compact in order to prevent users from being inconvenienced. Once users have seen it once, it will become smaller.


 After you see the prompt once, we make it smaller so that you don’t feel overwhelmed

A user is likely to share a certain article after knowing all the facts about the topic or based on what they write in the article. The trend of people sharing news based on headlines or summary can halt.

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