Behind closed doors of big politicians and their families.



Behind closed doors of big politicians and their families. How the son of an Honourable Governor of Uttar Pradesh and former chief minister of Gujrat submitted a forged agreement to get a loan of 250 million AED loan from the office of His Highness Sheikh  Hamdan Bin Ahmed al Maktoum. 

Indian news has been a hotbed of news relating to frauds and forgery. From income tax scams to even vaccine scams, the Indian public has seen it all. But what if the scam comes straight from the family of an ex-chief minister of an Indian state? A similar story has seemed to surface regarding Anandi Bhen  Patel’s son Mr. Swentak Patel and grandson Dharam Patel. They have accused the duo of submitting forged copies of the agreement to the office of His Highness Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum. 

This all started when the duo approached the office of his Highness for the sponsorship of funds for the development of a 25.5-acre piece of land for real estate in one of the prime locations of Ahmedabad at Gandhinagar. After floating a company by the name of Nisan Investment LLC in Dubai, the duo approached for funding for the project and later submitted all the documents seeking funding for the project. However, the development agreement was missing from the bunch. This raised some brows since it was a vital piece to forward the funding to the firm’s Dubai-based company’s account. However, with subsequent follow-ups, the development agreement sent to the office. All seemed well until Mr. Anurag Maheshwari, manager at the office of His Highness found some discrepancies on the agreement and furthered it further legal verification and vetting. What came out shocked those at the office? Turned out, the agreement submitted by Mr Swetank Patel and Dharam Patel turned out to be absolutely fake. Keep in mind that this forgery came from the house of Gujrat’s ex-Chief minister and the present governor of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The forged agreement pointed out that it bought the development rights for the land from DLF which is one of the biggest real estate tycoons in the country. This was the same piece of conflicted land that was given by the Modi government to DLF at less than 10 percent of the actual market value in 2011. The opposition with enormous faces like Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi highly criticized this move opposing the motion. The project was, however, given a clean chit by the central ministry. 

Some of the key points that helped the legal team find the forgery included facts like: 

Spelling mistakes in the business’s name entity. 
I mentioned the development area as 102000 sq. ft which was inconsistent with the previously mentioned area of 25.5 acres. 
The PAN number mentioned also did not correspond to Patel’s company as mentioned in the agreement.  
To accept the payment and they found no resolution to give the power to Mr. Rajeev Talwar chairperson (2018) of DLF Ltd. According to Indian law, a board resolution has to be passed to give the power by the entire board of directors in the person’s name who may sign on behalf of the Company. 
They did not find the mentioned amount of 100 Crores in any BSE, NSE, or income tax records. Also, the agreement did not have any stamp of the company. 
With a current market value exceeding 1050 crores, many raised doubt about how Mr. Swetank Patel got it for just 100 crores. 

All these facts pointed out the fact that the agreement was fake. The notary carried the agreement out on a 100 Rs stamp paper without the serial number public and purchased by a third party which is not permitted by law. Upon rejecting the funding based on forged documents 

submitted by Mr. Patel, has demanded the refund of the sponsorship fees which were paid for establishing the Dubai mainland company. 

The office of His Highness found this to be a highly illegal practice and stated that they will file a motion against them at the Civil and criminal court of Dubai. Also, the office has intimated the following scenario to DLF and will also report to the Enforcement Directorate of India and other government agencies such as the income tax department, BSE, NSE, ROC, etc demanding legal action against Mr. Patel and those involved in this forgery. 

The situation occurs when Mr. Dharam Patel has opened several subsidiaries of Nisan Investment LLC, Nisan link general trading LLC and have applied for a Havala Licence at the Central  Bank of UAE which is pending approval at the last stage. Havala is a highly illegal activity in India and Covered under the money laundering act. So, one might wonder why does the grandson of an ex-chief minister get into havala license, and the sponsorship fees along with the government charges,  office rent, office interiors, etc carried out in cash, and no information about the same has  provided to the income tax department. It is clearly a violation of FERA and FEMA norms by law in India. 

The real shocker is that such news comes from the house of Gujrat’s ex-chief minister, Anandi Bhen  Patel. An avid member of the Bhartiya Janta Dal, she now holds the position of Uttar Pradesh’s governor and is on the line to become India’s next vice president according to unofficial sources. With such a lustrous career in politics and a well-known personality, news of frauds and forgery from her backyard seems to be very unlikely and unfortunate.

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