Perfect eLearning is Providing Industry Specific Education at Cost of 2 Pizzas

In a country where 1.5 million engineering students graduate every year but only 20% of these graduates are able to get jobs in related industries. According to the HRD ministry, the remaining 80% are considered not fit for engineering jobs which highlights the biggest gap – industry-specific education. Finance also becomes a hurdle for students who look at various institutions to gain practical knowledge post-graduation. Perfect eLearning, recognized by startup India and ISO, is an initiative by a group of enthusiasts from IIT and NIT working towards bridging this gap with industry-specific coaching and training.

Since its inception, Perfect eLearning has already trained more than 10,000 students with the “LEARN NOW, PAY LATER” motto generating more than 1 Cr revenue in the past year. The team is now working towards introducing augmented reality (AR) and machine learning to improve the online learning experience.

Mr. Ishan Sharma, the founder of Perfect eLearning strongly believes that this skill gap can easily be bridged by helping students to build industry-specific skill sets and helping them get placed in the right tech companies in an affordable quality education environment. After his return from Dubai, Ishan assembled a team of IITians and NITians who were working in companies like Google, Adobe, and Flipkart to create industry-specific courses to help students achieve their career goals.

Ms. Jyoti Sharma, who is the acting director of operations says “Industry experts who have worked in the related industries are more suited when it comes to helping students build skill sets that hiring companies are specifically looking for ”. Jyoti is a certified OK Google developer who graduated from NIT Kurukshetra. She has worked with Info Edge and developed various utility Android Applications.

Making Upskilling Affordable

There are hundreds of edTech companies operating in India which offer online upskilling but their course prices are very high that only 15-20% of students can afford. Perfect eLearning, initially known as Perfect Plan B through its ‘Learn Now, Pay Later’ scheme, is offering every student a chance to learn from industry experts without worrying about the course fee. The interesting thing about this ‘Learn Now, Pay Later’ is that it does not include any income sharing agreement (ISA) with students. Under this scheme, students can also avail scholarships which further reduces the financial burden.

Industry Specific Courses

The USP of Perfect e-learning courses is that all courses are made according to industry requirements and that too by industry experts. Top courses being:

Python, data structures, Machine learning bundle by Ok Google Developer

Full-stack development by Flipkart expert

Blockchain by IITian

And many more.

100% Scholarship for Students

Perfect eLearning also provides 100% scholarships on all courses for selected students who clear the scholarship test. The team understands how finances can become a hurdle for few students especially when they already have spent lacs on their engineering studies. So, they organize nationwide scholarships campaigns which any student can attempt to and get courses of their choice for almost free.

Hybrid Learning

One of the most important factors affecting learning is the classroom environment. It provides clear learning goals and feedback, develops personality and career-building skills, fosters interactions. The perfect eLearning team realizes its importance and hence they have coupled their courses with weekly live classes which students can attend and benefit from. They can also leverage these classes to clear their doubts and discuss projects and assignments with industry experts. Along with these live classes they have 24*7 mentor support, weekly quizzes and assignments, working on live projects, and soft skill training to help students learn, grow and become leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Tarun Rai Tara, acting director of technology working towards building a strong infrastructure backed by the latest technologies believes that excellence can only be delivered with continuous upgrading and the best way to do that is the implementation of emerging technologies before anybody else. Tarun is also an NIT graduate and has worked with various tech giants like Flipkart and InMobi.

100% Job Placement Support

Perfect eLearning provides complete job placement support to all students post-course completion in which they not only organize interviews for the students but their soft skill development team prepares them as well. The interesting thing about this is that they do not make students sign any ISA which distinguishes them from all the players in the market.

Mr. Sonu Yadav, acting director of Marketing, believes communications need to be transformed into even more mission-critical roles and is continuously working to build Perfect eLearning as the first choice of students for upskilling on a global level.

Having generated 1 crore in revenue, Perfect eLearning is building from their core, enhancing corporate reputation and employee engagement, into new areas such as customer service and new product development. The team understands that it requires a melding of marketing and communications, grounded in data-driven insights, and taking risks with ideas. In the words of founder Mr. Ishan, “nothing is impossible if you have the will and the mindset to make it happen. We at Perfect eLearning are on a mission and we are not going to stop until we have helped every student achieve their career goals”.


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