The woman had claimed that the taxi driver was driving the taxi very fast and trying to run her over. The taxi  driver was identified as Sadat Ali Siddiqui and the girl in the clip  as Priyadarshini. 


A woman charged with publicly slapping a taxi driver filed an FIR with the Lucknow Police. 

A cab driver was reportedly slapped 22 times after a bizarre altercation at a busy traffic intersection in Lucknow. The police are yet to arrest the woman who applied the force so often. The police have filed an FIR against the girl.

Taxi driver had accused her of running her over and driving very fast. The taxi  driver was identified as Sadat Ali Siddiqui and the girl in the clip  as Priyadarshini. 

A woman was walking over a zebra crossing, and as a result, the majority of vehicles jumped the red signal in the concerned segment of the video.

The assault begins even before Mr. Siddiqui has gotten out of the car. Her aim is to hit the car before she comes back to take a second swing. After taking a swing at the car she learns something. Slaps continue to be thrown.

After that, she rips off both sides of the car’s rear-view mirrors

The man insisted Ms. Yadav also stole * 600 from him and pointed to the video footage as evidence.

Krishna Nagar, a locality in the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is the location of the incident, which happened on Friday evening.

She asked if she was not allowed to defend herself after being asked if it was meant for publicity.

In an interview ,Madhuri Yadav, who was accuse of such acts in the past, pushed back against that allegation. “We will do a postmortem and send the body home, “girl said.

Following the incident, Mr. Siddiqui spent 28 hours in jail. He wants the police to explain why Ms. Yadav hasn’t been arrested yet. The cab driver’s brother was also locked up with him when he arrived at the police headquarters to meet him after learning about the incident.

While Mr. Siddiqui continues to assault Mr. Siddiqui and looks for assistance from onlookers to call the police, she is heard asking, “Will you run over a woman?” within the video. Her mobile phone was damaged, he said. A reporter heard him saying, “Who is going to pay for that? It’s my employer’s phone. I’m a pauper…it cost $25,000.”.

Police are aware that Ms. Yadav was attacked before, she claims.

“Police have also been to the house I live in; the police have my phone number and family members’ details. Police have visited her office without a warrant and have harassed her relatives, she said, accusing them of harassing her family.

It is apparent from the CCTV footage of the incident that the lady first crossed the road while crossing in a risky manner through passing vehicles.

The Ola driver said, “I am managing my expenses with only my knowledge. I was slapped 22-23 times, I have lost my respect, I cannot look people directly in the eyes. I have not stepped out of my house.”

When the police placed Siddiqui in prison, the officers hardly took any time to arrest the lady. Mr. Siddiqui wants justice, asking why she has not been arrested.

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